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The Jet

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N152BD has over 350 hours of total flight time and is one of four original BEDE jets built back in the 1970's. It was the second BD-5J ever made, and of the four that were built by the BEDE factory, it is the only original BEDE jet left. And at 45 years old, the oldest BD-5J in existence. Although older, It is the same "type" aircraft that was used in the opening scene of the James Bond Motion Picture "Occtopussy." This same "type" aircraft is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Worlds Smallest Jet aircraft" Peter bought this aircraft in 2006 and with the help of many friends, spent 6 long years modifying and updating it. The first flight for Peter and his Microjet was July 22, 2012 in Brunswick ME


MICROJET FUN FACT: This actual Microjet was also involved in an incredible inflight incident during one of its initial R&D test flights. During this one particular flight, the canopy came off in a high speed dive at 230 knots and hit the pilot in the head causing him to pull aggressively on the side-stick controller which caused the aircraft to pull in excess of 14G's in about half a second. This high "G" load deformed and bent the wing and changed its dihedral from its normal 5 degrees, to 18 on the left wing and 22 degrees for the other wing. The pilot, who was initially knocked unconscious, came to and was able to eventually land the severely bent winged aircraft without further incident. After this incident the entire wing and center spar were removed and replaced and the aircraft was up and flying again only two weeks later. It is currently flying on the very same wing 42+ years later.

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